Maritime Policy

CLIA’s Global Maritime Policy Team coordinates the collaborative work of the oceangoing cruise industry on key maritime policy matters, engaging with professionals across the industry as well as international regulatory bodies and non-governmental organizations. The Team leads efforts to develop and update industry-level policies which go above and beyond international regulatory requirements to ensure operational safety and environmental stewardship.

Each new cruise ship brings extraordinary advances in technology, including alternative fuels, advanced wastewater treatment systems, exhaust gas cleaning systems and reliability features, among others. With over $30 billion currently committed to building the most exceptional passenger ships ever envisioned, CLIA Cruise Line Members and our Executive Partners continue to raise the bar on shipboard innovation.

No matter how innovative cruise ships become, the first priority of the industry is always the safety and security of passengers and crew. CLIA’s Cruise Line Members are committed to safety culture and operational excellence. The Maritime Policy Team is proud to play a role in helping our members succeed by advocating, educating and promoting the common interests of the cruise community.