Fire Protection Measures for Covered Mooring Decks

CLIA's oceangoing members have adopted this policy to reflect best practices regarding fire protection measures for covered mooring decks on cruise ships.  This policy is effective on December 31, 2015, and applies to cruise ships having a covered mooring deck, which is described as a mooring station on an open deck that is located below accommodation, service, or other spaces. 

CLIA cruise lines are to provide a fixed fire detection and alarm system and a fixed fire suppression system that are suitable for protection of a covered mooring deck, taking into account the general arrangement of the mooring deck, risk of fire, location of mooring lines while stowed and in use, and any manufacturer recommendations for installation of such systems on an open deck, as well as any flag State requirements.

The detection system on a covered mooring deck should initiate audible and visual alarms that are integrated into the fixed fire detection and alarm system for other parts of the ship.  The fire suppression system, whether of a design that is activated automatically or manually, should have a local manual release capability that is clearly marked and located adjacent to and outside the protected space. 

As part of this policy, CLIA cruise lines are to establish procedures intended to regularly test the function of the fixed fire detection and alarm system and to train relevant ship’s crew in manual activation of the fixed fire suppression system on the covered mooring deck while at sea and in port.