Common Elements of Musters and Emergency Instructions

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Chapter III, Regulations 8 and 19, require musters and emergency instructions to be provided for passengers. In addition to the legal requirements, CLIA oceangoing members have adopted a policy that musters and emergency instructions are to include the following common elements:

  1. When and how to don a lifejacket
  2. Description of emergency signals and appropriate responses in the event of an emergency
  3. Location of lifejackets
  4. Where to muster when the emergency signal is sounded
  5. Method of accounting for passenger attendance at musters both for training and in the event of an actual emergency
  6. How information will be provided in an emergency
  7. What to expect if the Master orders an evacuation of the ship
  8. What additional safety information is available
  9. Instructions on whether passengers should return to cabins prior to mustering, including specifics regarding medications, clothing, and lifejackets
  10. Description of key safety systems and features
  11. Emergency routing systems and recognizing emergency exits
  12. Who to seek out for additional information