Life Boat Loading for Training Purposes

To facilitate training for lifeboat operations, CLIA oceangoing members have adopted a policy that at least one lifeboat on each ship is to be filled with crewmembers equal in number to its certified number of occupants at least every six months. Under this policy, for safety considerations, the loading of lifeboats for training purposes is to be performed only while the boat is waterborne and the boat should be lowered and raised with only the lifeboat crew onboard.1 Lifejackets should be worn. All lifeboat crew and embarkation/boarding station crew are to be required to attend the lifeboat loading drill. If not placed inside the lifeboat, those crew members are to observe the filling of the lifeboat to its certified number of people.

This policy applies to ships with crew sizes of three hundred or greater, with lifeboats installed. Ships with crew sizes of less than three hundred are to conduct similar and equivalent training evolutions, at appropriate intervals, that are consistent with operational and safety considerations.

1 Attention is drawn to the IMO guidance found in MSC.1/Circ.1578.