Passage Planning

Since 1999 CLIA’s oceangoing cruise lines have been subject to international guidance concerning passage planning in accordance with IMO Resolution A.893(21), Guidelines for Voyage Planning, adopted November 25, 1999. CLIA has adopted a policy that the guidance elements set forth in this resolution are deemed to be the mandatory minimum requirements in the development of passage plans by oceangoing members.

Under this policy, applicable to oceangoing ships, each passage plan is to be thoroughly briefed to all bridge team members who will be involved in execution of the plan well in advance of its implementation. The passage plan will be drafted by the designated officer and approved by the master. CLIA’s policy is that all members are to take steps to help ensure bridge team members are asked and encouraged to raise any operational concerns without fear of retribution or retaliation.

In addition, CLIA’s policy recognizes the Bridge Procedures Guide published by the International Chamber of Shipping as a compilation of best practices that should be utilized by all ship operators, either as a component of their Safety Management Systems or Bridge Resource Management procedures.

1The terms “muster” and “assembly” are used interchangeably and therefore are synonymous for this purpose.