CLIA’s members have adopted a policy that all equipment purchased and installed on cruise vessels will meet the regulatory standards of the Nevada Gaming Control Board or other licensed jurisdiction for payback and internal software.

Rules of play

The policy is that each line will provide a gaming guide setting forth the rules of play for their casino, and that these rules of play shall generally follow those established for casinos in Nevada, New Jersey, or England. To comply with CLIA’s policy:

  • These house rules must be made available in every casino.
  • Each member is to post at every gaming table minimum and maximum betting limits for each game.
  • Only adults are allowed to play the slots or the tables.

Internal controls

CLIA’s member-approved policy is that all shipboard gambling operations be inspected by each member through its internal audit department on a regular basis, not to exceed 12 months.1

Further, all casinos are directed by the policy to have detailed internal control procedures concerning the cash and coin counts, casino cage procedures and other processes, similar to licensed jurisdictions.

To comply with the policy each line must employ some form of surveillance to assure operations are fair and equitable for all parties.

The policy states that each line should separate the operation of the casino from the financial aspects of the casino as clearly as possible including specific duties for cashiers and table gaming staff.

Customer service

CLIA’s policy is that onboard casino operations are the overall responsibility of the Hotel Manager or Director, or similar individual(s) charged with ensuring the highest level of conduct for casino staff.

In case of a gaming dispute, any passenger who feels he or she has an issue that cannot be resolved by the Casino Manager should be able to bring it up to the Hotel Manager, and CLIA’s members have agreed that every effort should be made to resolve the problem. If the issue is not resolved on board the vessel, the policy is that each ship have at the casino cage a current list of contact information for their home office or casino operator where the passenger can pursue their dispute.

CLIA’s policy is that cruise vessels have onboard comment cards for the inclusion of any comment, concern, or means to improve the gambling system on board the vessel. Gambling is strictly for the enjoyment of the passengers who choose to avail themselves of this form of entertainment.

1Inspection provision applies to shipboard gambling operations as a whole as opposed to individual ships.