Let's Imagine

How Would It Be – Your Meeting At Sea?

As your plane touches down, your anticipation rises. You’ve always been curious about cruising, that’s why you wanted this opportunity – a business event at sea!

At the airport you’re greeted and ushered into waiting transportation. Don’t give our bags another thought – they’ll be delivered directly to your cabin. As you approach the port, your beautiful ship beckons and crisply uniformed officers welcome you aboard. The spacious atrium lobby reminds you of a deluxe resort. White gloved stewards take your hand luggage and escort you to your stateroom where the door bears a brass plaque with your name and event logo on it.

Sip the champagne and open your event agenda before setting out to explore your floating hotel. On the way, stop at your hospitality desk. Pick up your welcome packet and join some colleagues on deck for lunch. The Calypso Trio sets just the right mood. You linger by the rail admiring the view. Life is so easy here, immersed in a world of new experiences. Laughter floats by. It’s time to set sail.

Toast Yourself for Being Here!

As the shoreline and daily routines are left behind, your mind and spirit open to new possibilities. Visit the spa to indulge in a soothing massage, and let the intoxicating aromas gently relax you.

This evening’s dinner is a sumptuous feast. Select whatever your heart desires from the bountiful menu. The choice is all yours on this trip – at every meal. Including dessert without guilt because the fitness center here sure beats the one back home. Later, it’s on to a lavish Broadway production or a comedy show and then the nightclub. So much entertainment and so many dining venues it’s like a dine-around program each night, made easier.

The next day you awaken to a dazzling orange glow over sparkling waters so calm you forget you’re really at sea ‘til you gaze out your picture window. Call room service for breakfast on that private verandah. Or would you prefer to be formally served in the restaurant?

Life At Sea Is Totally Different

At sea, ideas flow as freely as the ocean. “Out of the box” thinking emerges naturally, carrying over into your group meeting this morning.

After the afternoon breakout sessions, catch up on your spouse’s activities: yoga, art auction, a lecture on tomorrow’s port, and a cooking demonstration. Spend the late afternoon sunning or at a wine tasting, or join your colleagues for team-building on the basketball court. 

On return to your stateroom with its contemporary furnishings, plush bedding, marble bathroom and flat-screen TV, you find the invitation for tonight’s gala black-tie awards presentation. It’s tempting to stay in tonight, but you wouldn’t dream of missing that special reception. You look fabulous and the ship’s photographer captures this perfect moment for all time – another of your company’s thoughtful gifts. As you finish cocktails you’re invited into the stunning theater and the applause soon begins. Everything has been so carefully planned...you and your fellow recipients feel deeply honored.

Private Events Onboard and Custom Excursions

The festivities continue as your group flows into the intimate Italian restaurant (reserved just for you this evening) to enjoy a marvelous five-course meal with paired wines. How different it is dining together this way for several nights, sharing stories that allow you to know each other better than ever before. Later you try the casino and then a colorful deck party where you all go wild, dancing under the stars.

Next morning, you’re out on deck early to oversee the ship’s arrival at your first port of call. Soon the private vans whisk the golfers in your group out to the island’s award-winning golf course. As you arrive for the tournament you smile, seeing all the golf carts with clubs already organized, ready to go. After 18 holes you’re at the club for a private lunch and trophy presentation. Many laughs later you head back to the ship. How satisfying it is to come home to this luxurious resort that carries you to new places each day.

All Too Soon, This Memorable New Experience Comes To An End.

You’ve never felt so relaxed, or so appreciated. And you’ll do whatever it takes not to miss next year’s trip.