CLIA Travel Agency Membership is now open. To join or renew for the 2019 membership year, click here to go to the Travel Agency Membership Application. Please check back in late-October for Individual Agent Membership. If you have any questions about CLIA Membership, please refer to our Membership FAQs or contact one of our Membership Specialists at or call us at 202.759-9370. 

Agency/Agent Membership Eligibility Requirements

Any travel seller or department of a travel seller that is actively engaged in the business of selling cruise travel can be a CLIA Agency Member if they attest to the fact they are meeting all federal, state, and local ordinances relative to conducting such sales. Otherwise, they are deleted from CLIA's roster of agency locations.

CLIA is affiliated only with its Cruise Line Members and with CLIA Member Travel Agencies and its agents. CLIA has no subsidiary companies or agencies and no outside organization is authorized to solicit or obtain applications for CLIA travel agency membership or any agency membership benefits program without prior permission from CLIA.

In the event CLIA membership must be withdrawn by virtue of any party not abiding by federal, state, local, and municipal ordinances governing the sale of vacation products, there will be no refund of pre-paid dues. Any travel agent affiliated and/or employed directly with a CLIA Member Agency that meets all federal, state, and local ordinances relative to conducting such sales is eligible for the Agent Membership category for a period of one year. Otherwise membership will be denied. After the one-year membership period an existing CLIA Agent Member who is no longer affiliated and/or employed by a CLIA Member Agency as stated above will be removed from the roster of members. Said agent can reapply for CLIA Agent status if he/she becomes affiliated/employed by a CLIA Member Agency in the future or meets the criteria to join as a travel agency member. In the event CLIA Agent Membership must be withdrawn, by either party, there will be no refund of pre-paid dues.